The Upton Group, LTD.

Over 40 continuous years in telecommunications and technology consulting.

At The Upton Group, our only benchmark is guaranteeing 100% of our client’s complete satisfaction!

For more than 40 years The Upton Group has proudly provided comprehensive telecommunications consulting services. As an independent consulting company, we deliver telecommunications expertise to companies large and small across all industries.

The Upton Group is fully independent of all telecommunications providers, ensuring that recommendations are based exclusively on your needs. As client- only advocates, we offer research, analysis, specification development, contract negotiations, procurement and implementation management for any type of telecommunications service or equipment. Whether assessing, replacing or augmenting existing communication structures, our objective is to provide the information our clients need to make educated, informed decisions. We utilize our expertise to insure that any application is explored thoroughly and any recommendation takes into consideration all opportunities that may benefit our client. We will manage any implementation to completion with our client's complete satisfaction as our only benchmark for success.

The Upton Group provides all of the resources to commit to any project undertaken. We are meticulous about providing our clients comprehensive attention, service and response. Our credibility is unparalleled in the industry and our experience is not limited to one niche, which might preclude our exposure to alternate methods, technologies and applications. We have experience from across the business spectrum that is useful and adaptable to many industries.

When your communications system requires some changes for any number of business reasons, The Upton Group consultants are experts who know that no matter how large or small a business, our knowledge and understanding of telecommunications translates into helping clients design, plan and implement telecommunications strategies without presenting a budget nightmare.




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