The Upton Group, LTD.

Over 40 continuous years in telecommunications and technology consulting.

You hire a telecommunications and integrated technology consultant to provide a level of expertise that is outside your core business. As your advocate, The Upton Group provides not only the technical expertise but diligence regarding present and ongoing costs aligned with the understanding that the purpose for change in your telecommunications and integrated technolgy systems is to increase profits, increase efficiencies and provide protection to the organization. These assumptions are always at the core of everything we do and are involved in every step from analysis through implementation. As your consultant, the Upton Group facilitates transition through


  • Facilitating cost reduction through the identification of best alternatives
  • Analyzing errors on bills and the recovery of funds, which is a surprisingly common occurrence
  • Assuring there are no wasted resources with your system and effective vendor selection processes
  • Delivering project management expertise and a range of other needed value-adds

  • Allowing you to concentrate on your core business while we provide the telecom expertise
  • Assuring our team stays on top of new developments and emerging technologies on your behalf
  • Augmenting existing staff without adding long-term payroll costs
  • Managing supplier relationships for you



  • Recognizing that your business goals are most important
  • Helping you maximize the use of your existing systems
  • Delivering new technology solutions to you that will support you in achieving your goals
  • Pledging that our recommendations will achieve cost savings and efficiency increases simultaneously

  • Helping you feel confident in your decisions, knowing they are supported by advice from telecom experts
  • Ensuring that our advice is fully independent and objective and we are recommending only the best solutions for you
  • Providing state-of-the-art solutions for all your telecom needs